• Acquisitions Specialist

    Job Locations US-NJ-Mount Laurel
  • Job Posting - External

    Principal Purpose of Position:

    • Place factory and direct orders with OEMs and dealers accurately and timely
    • Procure stock vehicles out of dealer inventory accurately and timely.




    Know-How includes every kind of relevant knowledge, skill, and experience, however acquired, needed for acceptable performance in a job or role. Know-How has three dimensions: Practical/Technical Knowledge, Planning, Organizing and Managerial Knowledge; and Communicating & Influencing Skills. In the space below, please list the minimum requirements within each of the categories.


    Education and/or Training:


    • Undergraduate degree in business, supply chain, or other relevant area highly preferred


    Relevant Work Experience:


    • Experience in the automotive area (e.g., dealerships, maintenance, etc.) highly preferred
    • Experience entering data and working with customers also highly preferred


    Planning/Organizing/Managerial Knowledge:
    (Ranges from task-focused to integrating related functions, to broadly strategic integration)


    • Incumbent must be detail-oriented, and have basic organization skills to manage paperwork and follow established processes, while working in a fast-paced, team environment


    Communicating & Influencing Skills:
    (Does the job require communication, reasoning with others, or changing behaviors?)


    • Ability to communicate clearly verbally and written with Acquisitions team members, other internal business partners, and clients/customers.
    • Ability to influence business partners and external parties with feedback to improve processes, provide clear information and input, and drive a better experience for clients




    Indicate those statements that describe the process by which this position solves problems. Show the % that the relevant statement represents among all problem solving done by this role. The sum of percentages indicated for each category should equal 100%. For each relevant statement, give an example of a problem and the method of resolution.


    The problems are similar to each other and have a limited number of predefined solutions. Standing procedures/plans and/or a structured routine directs the problem solving process.

    • % of all problems: 80%
    • Example: Vehicle orders with upfit, but without routing instructions require investigation into which upfit location the vehicle should be sent to, and the method of transportation needed to be arranged from the upfitter to the dealer or end destination.


    The problems encountered are dissimilar and typically have a number of solutions. The solutions may be derived from a general plan or a flexible routine may be utilized to solve problems of this type.

    • % of all problems: 20%
    • Example: When clients want to take delivery from a dealer before all paperwork and payment is complete under the normal process, the Acquisition Specialist must work with the dealer to overcome obstacles. Sometimes this entails requesting a wire transfer of funds, or asking the dealer to deliver the vehicle on the PO with assurances that payment is coming.  Dealers are sometimes unfamiliar doing business with Fleet Management Companies and this requires the acquisition specialist to overcome objections and concerns in arranging  sales and deliveries. 


    • The problems encountered are unique situations and there is an unlimited number of solutions, many of which are unknown. There are no procedures or routines to follow, but only broad policies to guide the problem solving process.
    • % of all problems:
    • Example:




    This describes the extent to which this position is answerable for actions and their consequences. It measures the effect of the job/role on end results.


    For each type of Accountability, indicate an approximate dollar value of impact and whether the role has a Direct impact (controls end results or shares control with peer positions) or Indirect impact (generally informational, interpretive, analytical, or enables others to take action). If no dollar value can be determined, enter Non-Quantifiable instead of an amount.



    • $ value:
    • Direct/Indirect:


    Selling, General, & Administrative

    • $ value:
    • Direct/Indirect:



    • $ value:
    • Direct/Indirect:


    Project Management

    • $ value:
    • Direct/Indirect:



    • $ value: Non Quantifiable
    • Direct: Acquisition Specialists place vehicle orders with Manufacturers or Dealers on behalf of ARI clients. They issue Purchase Orders to upfit vendors as well. For out of stock purchase requests, they must perform a search for prospective vehicles and present them to clients for approval.


    Other (Please specify):  Client Satisfaction

    • $ value: Non Quantifiable
    • Indirect: Clients expect purchase turnaround times within set parameters, so Acquisition Specialists play a key role in their overall satisfaction levels. For stock requests,  they are adding notes during the search that can be read by clients so they add value to client satisfaction by setting the correct tone of urgency and client focus.  


    List statements which describe the primary results/outputs for which this position is held accountable. Please limit the list to 5 or 6 statements.

    • Efficiently and accurately order vehicles through Evos and OEM ordering systems
    • Issue accurate upfit purchase orders including routing instructions and revisions
    • Perform effective and timely searches for out of stock purchases
    • Obtain price quotes with proper incentives and vehicle specs from dealers and accurately present vehicles for client approval
    • Confirm licensing arrangements and delivery to ensure vehicle can be delivered turn-key



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